Why is My Newspaper Special?

    By Stephy

    A newspaper is simply a printed magazine distributed twice a week or once a month, usually in a daily or weekly edition. It usually provides general information and opinion about news and current affairs. They also contain business, sports, crime, and weather-related news. They often contain photographs to illustrate stories and they are usually accompanied by other entertainment and comic, including jokes and comics. Many newspapers have Web sites as well that provide additional information, such as schedules for local events, special services, and the latest breaking news stories.


    A newspaper's architecture is based around the way it is delivered to the customer. Most newspapers have a building or offices that serves as the main office. These buildings are designed to look like a brick building with a big front door and a number of large windows. Inside the building there will typically be a small reception area where customers enter to get information or sign for paper subscriptions.


    Large newspapers often have extensive studios or bureaus around the city that employ hundreds of full-time staff members. The studios or offices are generally in high-traffic areas of town where many businesses gather. Large newspapers also have a vast amount of coverage area due to the size of the newspaper. Larger newspapers often own stables or other facilities to house their printing equipment and supplies. This means they can afford to buy or lease huge amounts of ink and paper.


    In the early days, newspapers were created and printed by individual newspapers or proprietors. This process was slow and arduous and required a great deal of skill and labor. As time progressed technology evolved that made it possible for newspapers to be created and circulated by several different media including printing, publication, and delivery. Modern newspapers are now created and printed by professional commercial news agencies. Commercial news agencies also operate as broadsheet publishing or web publishers and do not focus solely on print publications.


    All newspaper companies or publishers are privately owned and therefore receive financing from their shareholders or lenders. These shareholders or lenders may require that newspapers have a minimum circulation or have to meet a set income requirement. Some newspapers also receive advertising revenue as a result of their location or content. Advertising money can also be used to cover the costs of producing the newspaper. Some newspapers also receive public funding from taxes paid by residents in the community or county in which the newspaper is published.


    Every business in the marketplace must establish a unique marketing plan in order to survive. Although newspapers have traditionally been considered a "content product" that delivers news, most modern-day newspapers have turned to online submission in order to stay current with news trends and consumer needs. A well-established local newspaper that also provides quality content is an asset to any community and can help build local commerce and the identity of a town or local business.

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