My 5 Tips To Improve Your Tennis!

My 5 Tips To Improve Your Tennis!

I play Tennis, and I also improved a lot through the years. So today (with the help of some pro’s) I want to give you a few good tips!

Because if you play tennis too, whether you play singles, doubles, or mixed doubles, improving your game is imperative to staying competitive. It is true that finding time to practice can be difficult, yes! However, with a few small adjustments, you can improve your game without compromising your free time. These five tips (and more…) will help you become a better tennis player: improve your strokes, react faster on the court and hit more accurate shots. Let’s take a look at how you can do that!

1) Increase the frequency of your practice sessions

Well, I just said you don’t have to give up your free time. True. But here what I mean, is dilute your training into more sessions, as being regular is more important and helpful than one long sessions sporadically. So, the first step to improving your tennis game is to increase the frequency of your practice sessions. This can be accomplished by finding a partner or school and then practicing twice a week, or better yet, three times per week. When you practice this often, you will be able to hit more shots and make them more accurately. To improve your strokes, it’s important that you try to keep on target with each shot. When you are on target with each stroke, you will have a better chance of hitting the ball accurately.

2) Focus on skills one at-a-time

Tennis requires different skills. But, don’t mix up too much. Try focusing on one skill at a time and perfect it before moving on to the next one. For example, if you want to increase your backhand, focus on that skill and make sure it’s perfected before moving onto the next skill. This way you can leave behind mistakes and learn new skills more quickly.

3) Take advantage of technology

One of the best ways to improve your game is to use technology. Technology has made it easier for you to practice and improve your skills, especially with the use of a virtual coach. Virtual coaching allows you to improve your overall strokes, react faster and hit more accurate shots than ever before. You can also get advice from a professional coach online, who will help you understand what’s going on during each point and how to react as quickly as possible in order to win. If you don’t have time for a personal coach or don’t feel like spending money, there are plenty of free resources online that will help you improve your game. YouTube, for instance! Below the YouTube channel of a club I used to be part of when I lived in Sangapore. They share great advice, for free!

Also, tennis players who want to find a partner to train with, can find one online of similar skill level with the click of a button. Think of Facebook groups or tennis websites. With all these technology options at their fingertips, tennis players are able to hone their skills much more easily!

4) Improve your mental game

Maybe obvious, but such a game-changer! Improving your mental game is the most important part of becoming a better tennis player. Learn to be patient and focus on the present moment. And of course, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun with what you are doing.

5) Extra Tips!

Now, a few “quick” more extra tips, based more on the techinques.

1. Improve Your Strokes Slowly. Improve your strokes by starting from the ground up. Start with a proper warm-up, then start working on the basics of tennis, such as footwork and positioning. You should also work on improving your grip, backhand, serve and forehand. This will help improve your whole game and make you less susceptible to injury.

2. React Faster On The Court. By practicing reaction drills, you’ll be able to react faster on the court when executing shots or defending against an opponent’s shot.

3. Hit More Accurate Shots. Practice hitting more accurate shots by focusing on form during free-throw shooting (or any other activity) and hitting balls that are coming at varying speeds and heights on every part of the court so that you can practice reacting quickly to any location of a tennis ball coming at you from different angles or distances. You may use targets too!

4. Correct Your Footwork & Positioning. One of the most vital parts about being a good player is footwork and positioning in order for you to be able to adjust quickly in case something happens on the court so that you can maximize scoring opportunities!

That’s it, did you enjoy my advice? I hope so 🙂 and, don’t forget to always have fun!

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