When Music Tracks Have A Comedy Side!

When Music Tracks Have A Comedy Side!

Music has the power to touch you and make you feel. Whether you are listening to it for pleasure or as part of your daily routine, music has the ability to take you away from the world and into a place where there is no stress or trouble.

When you listen to a piece of music that makes you smile, laugh out loud or even cry, it is called a comedy track. Comedy tracks are tracks that have some kind of comedic element to them.

They are not necessarily meant to be funny per se but they might as well be because they bring humor out in people who otherwise would not have smiled in a long time. However, they aren’t always completely obvious so we will go over what exactly a comedy track is, why they exist and how to tell if one is!

An example

A good and random example of when this would happen is the song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot. It includes the lyrics “got your nose job on my ex-wife I’m like ‘What’s up with that?’ And she says ‘If you don’t like what you see get your own’” and “I got one eye fixed on my watch and one eye on the back door waiting for me baby” which makes it very obvious that this song has a comedic element to it!

Why I Love Comedic Music Tracks

When you listen to a piece of music that makes you smile, laugh out loud or even cry, well we can say it is a comedic track. This is what sets songs apart from other kinds of tracks because they are meant to make you feel good, smile. When music has comedy built into it, it relieves tension and takes your mind off of anything negative in your life.

I think that in some cases, like during a funeral or when someone dies, music can help people grieve by making them laugh and giving them a break from everything else going on in their life at the time!

How to Find Out if a Song is a Comedy Track?

The easiest way to find out if a song is a comedy side track is to listen first. If it silly, makes jokes, or makes you laigh…, chances are that it is a comedy track.


Music is amazing. But what happens when a song has a comedic side? Music has been used as comedic material in cartoons, movies, and even TV shows for decades, but some songs are even made comedic in their nature. We laugh in response to that music, and our laughter stems from the fact that music can have such a powerful effect on us. So, if you are looking for a good laugh, you can always look for a song that has a comedic side!

Below, a channel I suggest that mixes comedy and music. And also, politics sometimes. Check it out 🙂

Call Of Duty - Why So Popular? Why People Like It, Or Why Not?

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