Why Do Girls Love To Play With Dolls And Why Is So Beneficial!

Why Do Girls Love To Play With Dolls And Why Is So Beneficial!

Dolls have many benefits for children. They encourage empathy and help develop imagination and body knowledge. Children speak to their dolls in the second person, and are likely to use the same words for the dolls as they do for people. Anatomically correct dolls are a wonderful way to help kids understand the human body too. Today, I will talk about how good dolls are for children and girls, and I will also share a few tips so you know how to pick the best doll for your children.

1) Anatomically correct baby dolls help children learn about body knowledge

Choosing anatomically correct baby dolls for your child is an excellent way to teach them about body knowledge, and a fun way to get them involved in sex education. In fact, choosing an anatomically correct doll can also help your child learn about different cultures and sex roles.

Anatomically correct baby dolls can help your child develop a healthy relationship with their own body, and they may also encourage open discussion about children’s bodies. It’s also important to keep in mind that the use of these dolls does not negatively impact a child’s development! So don’t worry.

2) Children speak to dolls in the second person

Children speaking to dolls in the second person have more variability than children talking to computer characters. The variability is likely related to their social processing brain activity. But why they do it? Well, children play and speak with dolls because of the unique opportunity to reflect on their own inner states and the inner worlds of others. The physical features and humanoid nature of dolls may also engage specific areas of the brain. Thus, playing with dolls prompts children to think about other people’s feelings and thoughts, and their own.

3) Dolls promote empathy

Dolls are a fantastic way to help young children develop empathy, according to Cardiff University neuroscientists, did you know? Yes, because apparently the activity of these brain areas during doll play is similar to that seen during social interactions. Empathy dolls are ideal for fostering emotional attachment to a loved one, as they encourage eye contact and allow for dramatic play.

Empathy is one of the most important skills a child can develop, and playing with dolls promotes this skill for children and girls. In fact, Barbie recently commissioned a survey of parents in 22 countries, and 91 percent said that dolls were an important tool in their child’s development. The company partnered with neuroscientists to study how doll play affects children’s social development. The results were striking!

4) Dolls help children bond with their mothers

Bringing up a child with a doll can help them to develop their nurturing skills. They can learn how to understand another person’s feelings and motives. Dolls help children bond with their mothers because they are fun to play with. For instance, they can share their feelings about their doll with their parents and foster back and forth communication.

And, in a way, they may also see their doll as their own kid to care of.

Well, now you know all the good things for children about dolls. Before we leave, please read more blog posts on my website and check out the videos of the dolls and barbie channel of my friend!

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